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"I Shot the Sheriff"

In J. Cade Keith's upcoming novel UTOPIA, released in Summer 2024, intrepid heroine and accidental detective Utopia Sparks has no time to lounge on the beach. When Chief of Police Silva, of tiny Pearson's Bight Township, calls Utopia Sparks at the crack of dawn, it's never a good sign. This time a young woman's body just washed ashore on a private beach and Frank senses he's in over his head.

"Utopia stirs a heaping tablespoon of sugar into her coffee and downs the sweet mud in one gulp. Her phone goes off in her back pocket — Bob Marley, I Shot the Sheriff, an oldie but goodie, and Frank Silva’s ringtone. Too early for a social call. Utopia’s stomach clenches with uneasy anticipation."

Drawing :

Utopia on the Beach

Jeffrey Keith/AKA J. Cade Keith


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Linda Fairchild
Linda Fairchild
Aug 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love Utopia!

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