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J. Cade Keith

The Pearson's Bight Novels



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I grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I learned to love all things of the sea. A lifelong sailor, I sailed my fire-engine red racer, Coyote, in the choppy waters of Buzzards Bay. Today, I live in Colorado with my wife and two teen-ages, all of whom provide endless inspiration for fiction. The Drapers Guild magazine recently awarded First Prize for my short story, No Bags.


Contemporary American painter in museum collections, I model my tales with the palette knife of a deft storyteller. Now, my words are my paint. My eccentric cast of characters are alive and as messy as my studio.  I don’t know what is going to happen next. They are the drivers of the drama and dictate the plot. Through the complexities of modern life and the unique challenges of our times, they determine the ending. I now see the world through a fresh cinematic lens perfectly poised for saga. 

Author steering his BEETLECAT 1965
Herreschoff S-class sailboat, Coyote
Keith's wife and firstborn on Cape Cod

Cade Keith's genre is Contemporary Upmarket Fiction. In The Pearson's Bight Novels, Cade Keith offers a painterly vision of New England in his multi-generational family tales filled with eccentric townsfolk and upright citizens. Over the course of three summers, the author expands his crew of quirky characters from his debut novel, Holland Dickerson. Murder, blackmail, drugs and other skullduggery upend the lives of teenagers, artists, and landed gentry against a backdrop of the bracing salty air in fictional, seaside Pearson's Bight. Even a closeted, gay Republican Senator from New Hampshire cannot escape the piercing eyes of a lobsterman and local law enforcement.

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Sam Reifler
Draper's Guild Press
Editor & Author

“No Bags” by J. Cade Keith is a beautiful little story.
At first I was unsure about which of the two stories deserved 
First Prize.
My ambivalence was short-lived. After all, when it comes to short fiction, Chekhov is God —  yes? “No Bags” is a sketch worthy of the master. (The fact that coincidentally its title could have been “The Lady with the Dog” did not enter into my evaluation.)

On top of that, J. Cade Keith, in a few words set off by em-dashes, twice explicitly and deftly places the story squarely within the parameters set for the contest. Bravo!

Linda Fairchild

Linda Fairchild & Co.

Sr. Editor

As Sr. Editor to authors of many genres, I am always looking at structure, style, pacing, message, and appeal to the reader. 

J. Cade Keith works in multiple genres: Literary & Upmarket Fiction, Mystery & Crime Series, Non-fiction, Short Stories, and Children’s Illustrated Books. What I find remarkable about this talented author is his breadth of knowledge, his compassion for his topics and characters, his lyricism and painterly use of words, and his wicked sense of humor.

Not only does he consistently produce at a remarkable rate, he makes me yearn for the next chapter or manuscript. He makes me laugh and cry within a single sentence or paragraph!



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